Distributed Device Management for IoT in action with Eclipse Leshan, Eclipse Wakaama and OMA LWM2M

Journée thématique
Mardi 19 février 2019
"Réalisation technique : Antoine Orlandi | Tous droits réservés"

The Internet of Things (IoT) will come with connected devices which are too constrained to directly implement DM features. Other devices may not implement standards, complicating their integration in a general Device Management (DM) solution. Devices may also not be directly joinable from a remote server, because of Network Address Translation, or a non-IP protocol. Finally, devices will become too numerous to be managed through a centralized architecture.

In this demonstration, we rely on the standard DM protocol OMA LWM2M and its implementation in the Eclipse Leshan and Wakaama projects to propose answers to these problems and make possible a unified, dynamic and scalable visualization and operation for IoT Device Management.